From Da Vinci’s notebooks to the journals of Baudelaire and the letters of van Gogh the insights gained from the documentation of artistic processes have done much to expand our knowledge. To update skills and build capacity for innovation, we need to inform ourselves about how the most original artists work. This research project focuses on how the process of new writing unfolds in the work of exceptional poets and enhances knowledge in ways that are transferable to other artists and thinkers who build knowledge.

Pilot Study

The Poetry in Process pilot study was launched in February 2019. Recorded audio interviews have been undertaken throughout 2019 with four innovative Australian poets and edited versions continue to be published as Poetry in Process podcasts. A vigorous discussion around the individual processes described by the poets, the function of poetic process and how it may be applied to ones own work is encouraged here. Creating a connected community of poets interested in this stimulating topic is an aim of this research. 

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