Sound as meaning experiment by Lisa Samuels

Hello poets and readers,

Have you read the Poetry in Process blogpost about Lisa Samuels and multiplicity yet? Don’t forget we’d love to hear any comments about what resonated with you. Today I am excited to bring you one of Lisa’s poems that experiments with sound as meaning and was featured in the Poetry New Zealand Yearbook. This is a revised version included in her latest collection Foreign Native (Black Radish Books, 2018). Hope you enjoy it! 


People talk about the vanguard
takes a turn      its conscript energy
acts on macro-particles
as though you choose or Resolute
you’re given mesh back to the deal
your limbs eye dim harmonics
rise for tiny ones    Crash at you
crash at me      “give us a family look”

the ice cream salt licks
for the ground your ears forgot
that little town’s an Uproar
over animals superadded in the red
tearing around in the gardens
agua del baño de calor de los surcos
sin palabras de su mente putting at you
with a tinny bravura      so altissima
hoochie coochie folds enveloped

so most comfortable amidst impacted trees
pretty much willing to agree with the local
flowered in demise glass      objects      balls
a series of eggs swooped down
by a devotion to the lungs

Smiling with your organs
and arterial skim you move
a dovey blankness toward corridors
not fit yet      particulating more like
license or a flat curve
cotton minded vent or convert axe
rendition with      Another Chance

positions woo our faces
venial trace      or bark
dimension billows      Here
the lips transduce lucidity
and our whole graph innocents itself

no cell or dream unrolled      too fast
the shrinking cure test
finds its laugh Administered
a diffident principit wish
uncloistered from the mouth
before it eats      before idea’s
appetite’s complete

Lisa Samuels

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